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You're looking for Solutions to your Questions? 

MCHplus might just be the right partner!

We work efficiently and permanently with our partners to make the best solutions a reality!

About MCH Plus: 

Our consulting and sales firm is run by a team of seasoned pros with a ton of experience in various industries. We've seen it all and bring a wealth of knowledge to the table. Labs, Hospitals, diverse industries, we've helped clients in all. We're the perfect guide for companies looking to make their mark and succeed. We've got the inside scoop on key players and market trends. Let us help you find the right partners, navigate the regulations and soar to new heights in your business ventures. Startups and established players, we're here for you!"

Services & Competencies

Distribution Warehouse with High Shelves

Large Distribution Network

We provide comprehensive product sourcing, including lab instruments, kits, software, spare parts and hard-to-find industrial components, through our extensive network and industry expertise. We ensure uninterrupted operations by securing the specific products you need. Let us support your product needs, whether it be specialized software, spare parts or other difficult-to-find items.

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Organised Case Studies

We can help you find ideal academic partner hospitals for your product studies and academic recognition. With our network and expertise, we connect you to suitable universities and hospitals with resources, expertise, and reputation. Whether seeking a specific location, medical facilities, or research areas, we will find the right academic partner to support your product studies.


Product Sourcing

We offer reliable support in finding a suitable medical distributor through our extensive connections and relationships within the industry. Our broad and diverse network allows us to connect you with distributors who have the expertise and resources for effective distribution and promotion of your product. Whether seeking a distributor with a specific focus, specialty, or network, we can find the right match for your needs.

Current featured Products

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