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Supplier Management

Securing new products lines

We assist both manufacturers and distributors in their processes. With a strong network, know/how and experience we understand the western market very well as well as the obstacles involved in bringing a new product to this market and making the end consumer accept a product. On the distribution side, we also understand the challenges they face in finding new distribution channels or expanding existing ones, finding new products to expand their portfolio and more.


Product Distribution

Obtaining key distribution channels in Western Europe

Registration of products with different ministries of health in different countries. (for example, Ministry of Health in Switzerland). Getting validation and publication from key opinion leaders (In the medical field these vary dramatically and are usually very important locally as opposed to internationally). i.e. In the more medically developed European countries: hospitals, private-labs or doctors-offices who will only really consider switching to new products (even if the product itself is amazing) when national opinion leaders publish studies or support products.


Cost management

Setting up laboratories

Have an immense network again makes sourcing products very simple, while also knowing and understanding the key points in order to make private laboratories profitable. Getting more customers etc. Also having people on board with entrepreneurial experience from different industries, we also have a strong knowledge of cost management, especially at earlies stages in the business cycles.



Different marketing channels (physical, online etc.)

Key events to attend in Europe, USA, Asia and/or Middle East to find new products or expand distribution channels, creating an online presence within the medical professional community, key national medical journals to advertise in. How to correctly target hospitals, private laboratories and individual doctor clinics.


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MCHplus is composed of founders and directors from the entrepreneurial medical field with combined experience of over 80 years. Based in Switzerland, MCHplus has built a very successful distribution business within the DACH region. Read more.

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